Sunday, October 29, 2006

Serving Cheese

From Food Network Kitchens Making it Easy

Serve cheese at room temperature; 20 minutes on the counter is fine

Go with the odds for eye appeal-three, fivev or even just one cheese on a plate works

Mix it up with different
-texures; soft, firm, hard
-milks; cow, goat, sheep
-places; a tour of England-France-Spain or a sampling from Vermont

Present it with panache
-do nothing. keep the cheese whole and let people slice their own
-chunk it. serve hard cheese such as pecorino Romano or Parmesan in nuggets
-Spoon it. Lop off the top of a ripe Brie or Camembert and let guests scoop their own

Pair cheese with what you have
-herb cured olives
-marinated or pickled mushrooms or peppers
-salami, country ham or prosciutto
-roasted nuts
-fruit chuneys
-dried apricots or figs
-fresh apples, grapes or pears
-crusty bread

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