Thursday, July 05, 2007

Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream Pie

From Taste of Home's Simple & Delicious July/August 2007

1 bottle (7 1/4oz) chocolate hard-shell ice cream topping (divided)
1 9oz graham cracker crust
1 10oz jar maraschino cherries, drained
1 quart vanilla ice cream, softened
2 1.5oz pkgs peanut butter cups, chopped

Following package directions, drizzle half of the ice cream topping over crust; gently spread to coat bottom and sides. Freeze until firm.
Meanwhile, set aside six cherries for garnish; chop remaining cherries. In a large bowl, combine ice cream and chopped cherries. Spread into prepared crust. Sprinkle with peanut butter cups; drizzle with remaining ice cream topping.
Garnish with reserved cherries. Cover and freeze for 2 hours or until firm. Remove from freezer 15 minutes before serving.

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